Sunday, October 20, 2013

Even more Marin

I’ll probably be bouncing around a bit over the next month since I’m an unstable sort and I’m posting from Guatemala where I’m getting the lay of the land and sorting out the techno minefield of a foreign country.  I still haven’t figured out how to use my new cellular phone though I used it yesterday and don’t know how I did it.  Fortunately there are some tech savvy youngsters in my familial midst and there may be hope.  Did I mention that the electrical outlets in my room (dormitorio) are two pronged and this PC is three? Maybe downstairs in the dining room (comidor) there will be three prongers otherwise there will be a major search manana.

Over these four weeks I’m envisioning posts about Marin, the East Bay, Fort Ord and Navajo country any of which may be preempted by postcards from Antigua.

As previously noted, West Marin with its farm to table aesthetic grabbed me in a big way.  When I first arrived in Point Reyes Station I saw light blue posters  that said “Save our Drake’s Bay Oyster Farm.” Over wood fired pizza, beer and, yes indeedy, oysters I asked my waiter what the hoop-di-do was about and he told me that there had been an oyster farm on Drake’s Bay for several generations and that the government was going to terminate the lease for some reason. Don’t know exactly why. But the gist of it all is that most locals seemed to feel that the venerated farm and scrumptious oysters should stay.  I concur. Do love my oysters.

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