Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hector's gift

There’s good news sports fans and not just about the Bosox waxing the Cardinals.  The prodigal camera has been pronounced fit for duty.  Beyond getting the thing fixed the whole effort was so stellar it was almost life affirming.  When I left the gimpy machine on Monday they said it would take two or three days for the evaluation and, if parts from the United States were required, a likely prospect, it would be another 7-10 days.  That timeline pushed the process into why bother territory.  So, I left Gaute with low to no hope of getting a functioning Canon 5D Mark II in this lifetime.

But, shocks of shocks, when Sergio left me off at the school later on Monday there was a email from my new best friend Hector saying he had found a bent wire, that he had broken it while attempting to straighten it, had replaced it and that the camera was working perfectly.  That, amigos, is service. And to think that I was starting to think that I was jousting with windmills. It seems there’s a fine line between compulsive behavior and perseverance.

Suffice it to say, your peripatetic photographer is a happy boy, one who’s headed for Lago Atitlan manana.

The accompanying very out of focus photograph captures the spirit of the moment that Senor Canon returned to my loving hands. The beaming Hector says it all.