Sunday, March 23, 2014

Prime Desert Property

Area code 775 encompasses most of Nevada and has a population of exactly 12.  Pretty much everything but Las Vegas and Reno is in the big, empty 775 which is traversed by US 50, itself nicknamed America's Loneliest Highway. There’s prime land to be had in the verdant reaches of the Silver State and the price is so so right. Or, instead, you can choose a slice of paradise in the netherworld of the Mojave Desert.  Why you would do either is a question best left to psychiatric professionals.

Property number one lies just outside Death Valley, a moniker based on the likely result of being left beside the road in mid-summer.  And you’d face a similar fate were you to be stranded ten miles west of Edwards Air Force Base on plot number two.  If the temperature didn’t get you the winds would.  Last January those winds nearly tore the door off my poor Pilot.

I get a kick out of For Sale signs on worthless patches of nothing.  It goes to show that hope springs eternal or that there’s hope that one is born every minute. Unless coastal California falls into the blue Pacific, a not entirely remote possibility, these may not be your best real estate plays.


Jim Rogers Photography said...

Love the intersection with the STOP painted on the pavement. Stop for what??????.....The Grim Reaper? Great photographic essays of desolate America!!!

Rob Atkins said...

You established an effective sense of scale in both images. Nice!

Steve Immel said...

Thanks to both of you. The word "stop" on the pavement was a hoot. As you say, Jim, why would you and for what?

Rob, this is the first time I've had a comment from you (I think). May I ask how you came across my blog?

Nice to meet you.

Daryl A. Black said...

Desolation, thy name is Nevada, and especially US 50. The photographs are perfect descriptors, and the perspective shows how beautiful these landscapes can be.

We heard a story about someone driving a new, very hot car (Ferrari, Porsche or some such) and decided to give it a real workout on that loneliest highway. Wouldn't you know but a police officer stopped him for traveling at some truly epic rate of speed. In return for just a warning, the driver traded the officer the option to drive the car himself. Both were very happy campers that morning!

Steve Immel said...

I've heard that US 50 story. It's entirely plausible.

Rob Atkins said...


I came across your blog while searching for a location in New Mexico. I don’t recall what, exactly, I was looking for, but I liked your work and bookmarked your site.

I travel in northern NM quite often; if you have a moment, there is a NM section on my Website, at the link below.

Be well,


Steve Immel said...

Very cool, Rob. I saw quite a selection of NM images on your website. You do beautiful work.

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