Sunday, May 18, 2014

First Night

No trip with the Immels would be complete without a little food commentary.  So here’s a taste.  Get it?
First tapas happened the fashionable hour of 10pm on a day that wound up being a 48 hour stint with a total of four hours of sleep.  You’ve heard my whining already.  We had enjoyed a hearty menu del dia at a restaurant with the ignominious name El Glop.  Glop is was not but was three enjoyable courses of appetizer, entrée and desert and which included a glass of wine, beer or sangria.  The price was something like 11 euros which is typical, economical and filling.  It is absolutely the way to stretch your dining dollars in Spain.
In the evening we walked around L’Eixample looking for the perfect tapas venue.  Most were commercial and unprepossessing but after two passes we entered Xampu on the lovely Gran Via.  We had good luck over the years picking places on gut instinct.  The puns just keep coming don’t they?
Our repast was entirely basic on the night, thin slices of Jamon Iberico, queso in olive oil, good crusty bread and copious quantities of Rioja. We liked it so much we had a second round of little plates and returned the next night.  I had worried about ten o’clock meals and if old people could do that and here we were accomplishing the impossible of nights one and two.