Sunday, May 11, 2014

Step by Step

Never have I been in such a quandary about what to post.  Not only am I dealing with the array of locales to share but I can’t even get out of Barcelona.  Two days in that place and I’ve got a brain cramp not to mention my mouse hand. I guess that’s the bad with the good.

As suggested last time, Barcelona is a city that is richly enjoyed and one best seen on two feet.  Here is the barest glimpse of the Catalan capital from a stroll from our L’Eixample hotel to the bustling waterfront by way of the city’s Arc de Triomf and adjoining park and back through the canyons of the old town. Blessed little copy this time, sports fans.


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Daryl A. Black said...

These buildings are absolutely stunning, but for some reason, I find the harbor shot quite compelling. It is pure and clear and full of rich activity.