Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dusty Reaches

It’s been a long while since I’ve plundered the archives for a blog image.  For the last year there’s been enough new material from my wanderings that deep research hasn't been needed. Occasionally, though, no fresh subject is clawing at the walls to get out. And sometimes, as is the case today, pressing matters namely moving Peggy into her new studio dictate brevity.

So here are a couple of still lifes from the dusty reaches of what's left of my memory. 

Sunflowers near Fort Garland, Colorado, 2010

Silvery leaves from the Huntington Museum in Pasadena, California , 2007

A dozen years ago when I returned to photography, a choice prompted by the digital revolution, my first meaningful portfolio was of still lifes which populated a category I referred to as Studies and Abstractions. It's a pleasure to revisit that very focussed kind of work today.


Daryl Black said...

Who says dust isn't good? Or cobwebs, for that matter, when the subject is memories. They are enhancements of the brain and yours are quite magical. Since I have never seen the Huntington Gardens, I hunger for more of the ones in your blog today. Fine work, Steve! said...

Ahh, a pleasure for us, as well!