Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Last Shepherd

Well it’s finally happened. Cuba has tendered his resignation and Los Abeytas are looking for a new herder from South America, Peru in all likelihood. The working title for the book I hope to write about Cuba, the sheep and the Abeyta clan is “The Last Shepherd” which is sounding most apt just now. 

The retirement of Victor “Cuba” Hernandez as El Pastor, the shepherd, of the Abeyta flock comes on the heels of his 76th birthday earlier this month. He's earned the right to while away his days surrounded by his own small herd of goats and his adoptive family in Mogote. According to my math, the gentle soul has spent 333 months in solitude since Amos Abeyta hired him in 1978, Cuba says 1975. That, for the bean counters among you, is 27.75 years by himself in the dusty reaches of the Taos Plateau and lush meadows in the high country beyond San Antonio Mountain.


Blacks Crossing said...

Two stunners in your blog this morning. The first being the middle image, which is magnificent and breathtaking. The second is that you plan to write a book on Cuba and title it The Last Shepherd. A great title! I am so pleased you plan to make this into a book. A most worthy and compelling subject, given that Cuba is one of a limited number of people doing this kind of work in the United States.

Congratulations! Fred and I await more news about the book!

Steve Immel said...

You? I await news about the book.

Unknown said...

Hi Steve,

I found a nice French Lady Shepared who could become friend with Cuba!
I send you her photos on fb!