Sunday, June 07, 2015

Up close again

Back at the start of this adventure or at least the digital part thereof I spent most of my time photographing things close up. At one time those subjects were called Studies and Abstractions, the name of my first show, and later a more focussed permutation called Found Art. When shopping for a subject for today’s post I scrolled through the archives and uncovered a couple that would be at home in either category.

35 rocks and a shell

Honey Bee Lookin'

Back in the early days of digital I thought tight shots were my bag and that landscapes were my weak suit. Was told that by an esteemed photographer and teacher as a matter of fact. But then things swung to bigger and broader and that's where I'm finding the most success. Just go with what grabs you I suppose because that's where the satisfaction lies. 

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Daryl Black said...

36 Rocks and a Shell of many colors is quite wonderful. As a photographer and artist, each of us does what excites and motivates. That may and probably does change over time. But if I had a dollar for every time a teacher has told me where my talents lie, or that I have no talent at all and thus no future in the arts, I would be a wealthy woman. There are great teachers in the world and I have been lucky to have two of them. A good teacher's role, in my humble opinion, is to create enthusiasm and cultivate the confidence to explore and achieve goals. I, for one, am delighted that in addition to the close-up image, you have explored the broad landscape at which you excel. As you said, in the end, it is what fires your rockets at any given time in life. Onward!