Sunday, September 13, 2015


On the morning of my last day in Sonoma there was something resembling fog though it was more like chicken broth than split pea soup and lasted about ten minutes.

Down the road five miles from the Canvas Ranch was tiny Tomales with the clapboard sided Church of the Assumption in the early morning's diffuse light and further south Marshall’s shimmering tidal flats opening into Tomales Bay.

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Daryl Black said...

Great images of the church in Tomales! One can see the assorted transitions that brought the building to its present state and look. The chicken broth sky certainly did lend interest to the day as did the angle from which you made the photograph. And WOW, the landscape of the tidal flats and Tomales Bay is stunning! It immediately transports you, complete with smells and moisture on the face.

A wonderful blog and series, Steve!