Sunday, September 06, 2015

Nothing but blue skies do I see

The image called "Canopy" on the way to the lighthouse in 2014

The last time we visited Point Reyes the lighthouse was shrouded in fog and the 300 steps down to the jutting promontory were closed to visitors who might otherwise pitch to the crashing surf below. When I returned in July of this year I was hoping for socked in conditions that would provide fodder for my Fog Series. Instead I got blue skies, bright sun and seventy degree temperatures. Good for the suntan but hell for the Fog Series.

You’re getting these damned scenics because your trusted reporter couldn’t extract something transcendent in the sunshine.

I turned right at the spot where Canopy was shot last year and got the empty beach reaching north

Point Reyes Light with the too blue Pacific beyond

More of same

Does black and white bring gravitas or is it just me?

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Blacks Crossing said...

Blue skies it is, then. And given the fires in California at this point, that sky color was a treat, despite the fact that socked in fog conditions shroud the area in mystery, as was the case in your first image, which is one of my favorites. Friends from Santa Barbara said it was over 90 there today, at a time of year when they are normally fed up with the fog. 100 degrees in San Francisco is not normal either.

Bets are that many photographers have waited their lives to get those "blue sky" shots. You now have both for your collection. The black and white does lend gravitas to the lighthouse but the broad expanse of ocean and blue sky has a wonderful feel to it. Thanks for the inspired blog, Steve!