Sunday, October 04, 2015

Found Art Redux

Years ago I launched a series called Found Art which deals with, for want of a better phrase, street art and artistic assemblages of ordinary stuff. Here are a couple in which great care was exhibited by the artist to "assemble" stones just so or, as in image two, to carefully wire and weld garden tools, muffler pipes and other detritus into zoomey sculpture.

On Museum Hill in Santa Fe

By the roadside in Rinconada, NM
Folks make art out of pretty much whatever's available. Always have. Always will.


Blacks Crossing said...

I adore the tools in the truck at Rinconada. It reminds me of another photograph you took a couple of years ago of a faucet and sink in a restaurant, if I recall correctly. There is something about the way you render black and white that works perfectly for the tools of life. Well done!

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