Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ignore Me Fred. Act like I'm not here.

Fred Black whom I've written about in the past is an extraordinary weaver. Peggy and I can pick out Fred’s spectacular rugs from across an aircraft hangar. And, as I have said, Fred is a man of many talents, a pilot, an architect, a high level martial artist and a tango dancer, the last two pursuits with his wife, my fellow photographer, writer and dear friend Daryl Black.

A highlight of the fall art season in Taos is the Taos Wool Fest and within it Fred’s booth which reigns supreme among the dozens of stalls and displays. After leaving the Taos Fall Art Festival’s four venues we crossed Paseo del Pueblo Norte and entered Kit Carson Park to see the churro sheep and alpacas, the hordes of wool aficionados and, most of all, Fred’s rugs. They are not shown here except in the blurred background in image number one. Instead here are a couple of candids of the steely eyed weaver himself.

Ignore me Fred. Act like I’m not here.


John Farnsworth said...

That first one is a winner, Steve!

Steve Immel said...

Thanks Amigo.

Blacks Crossing said...

Thanks Steve. Lovely words. Who's the old guy in the photos?


Blacks Crossing said...

Daryl here. I agree with John about photo number 1. Neither Fred nor I (as you well know) enjoy being photographed and I am always thrilled to see a good one of Fred. Thanks for the photograph and your kind words, Amigo!

Steve Immel said...

I resemble that remark, Fred. That's your older brother Ralph I think. Sorry for the confusion. I actually think #2 is technically the better photograph but not as kind to the victim.

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