Sunday, November 22, 2015

It's Still Life

When I boarded the D train back in 2002 I was heading to Chamonix with my buddy Ian Cruickshank for a ski safari This tale has nothing whatsoever to with skiing but my $8,000 purchase of my Canon 1Ds was prompted by the trip. Surely this camera among cameras would make me a better skier. Either that or I'm confusing my sports.

Upon returning to the states, my first attempt at developing a photographic theme was one I called Studies and Abstractions. They were essentially still lifes, objects photographed close up and that I saw as little design projects. Then, as now, designing the image was the thing. And doing it in the viewfinder was the heart of the craft, no cropping. What I see is what I get.

Maybe ten years ago I took an advanced Photoshop class from John Paul Caponigro who informed me that still life was my milieu and that I was, shall we say, lacking in the landscape department. As you might predict I found recognition as a landscape photographer.

Anyway last week's post of the lowly wire took me back to the lady I came I with, the still life. 

This may last awhile, years even.

Stay tuned.

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Daryl Black said...

WOW! I am loving the impressionistic style, not to mention the incredible colors produced by your now tthirteen (?) year old Canon. These images are new to me and I am so pleased that you shared them.

How many photographers have been told by a teacher or workshop instructor that they should do this type of work rather than another type because you just don't have what it takes? My inner monster reacts to that by saying "I'll show you what I can do." I am happy that you went further and pursued landscapes that have since become famous, but am equally happy that you try and enjoy other avenues of photography. That is art.