Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rudimentary, my dear Watson.

This elegant number comes from my Sketches of Winter series.

There aren’t many things more basic and unartful than the thin strands of metal we call wire. The functional material keeps critters out, binds things together and hangs our art from walls. In itself it’s the essence of unimportance. Straight, bent or barbed the stuff is all around us yet pretty much unnoticed, till it is.

Resting on the sand of the the Topaz Internment Camp near Delta , Utah this coil of rusted wire bears testament to a tragedy.

This wire is part of a larger motif, that of fences, gates and corrals. It's an iconic western theme if ever there was one.

These twists of wire reside on a fence at Rancho de las Golondrinas southwest of Santa Fe.

Some enterprising soul stapled these mattress coils to the side of a building in Rinconada. This was featured in the Singular Image issue of  Black and White magazine back in 2010.
Some of these may appear familiar. They're not exactly new but haven't been presented a series so what the heck. We'll call it Straight, Bent or Barbed.


John Farnsworth said...

Yes! More, please. Of less, that is. Minimal is good.

Blacks Crossing said...

The essence of unimportance. So many uses for wire (and duct tape) that falls into the category of the mundane. Your photograph of the mattress springs is a stunner, and I never tire of seeing it. The Golondrinas twist of barbed wire, again, pure design, as is the Sketches of Winter. Black on white. Direct, simple but extremely complex. Thanks for bringing these to the fore, and in turn, making us reconsider wire.

Got snow yet?

Steve Immel said...

Thanks to both of you. Sometimes it's the simplest of things that speak most eloquently. I feel like I'm destined for a spate of still lifes. Stay tuned.

Steve Immel said...

Yes to rain, hail and snow in that order.

Unknown said...
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