Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sky Lines

I had intended to report on write the epidemic of homelessness in Los Angeles, a tragedy made evident during a visit there two weeks ago. So serious is the problem that the City of Los Angeles is expecting to spend two billion dollars to deal with the growing crisis. Some 44,000 human beings live on the streets of the city, up from 39,000 a couple of years ago. The issue deserves more attention than a short post but, be forewarned, it’s coming soon.

This post, instead, looks up from the streets to the lofty architecture of the City of Angeles in a developing series we’ll call Sky Lines. The angles, lines and reflections of these urban skyscapes go beyond photography and into a graphical realm that approaches fantasy.

Pretty amazing what lurks in those panes of glass.


Terry T. said...

#2 is a fantastic depiction of contrasts in color, shapes and reflections. Lovely.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks Terry. It's seems otherworldly to me. Don't seem to be real objects bit someone's idea of a futuristic cityscape.

Blacks Crossing said...

A great series, Steve. As John Farnsworth would say "Book, book, book!" Anyway, the images do seem otherworldly, and I love them all. First and third seem particularly daunting and strong. I look forward to more, as well as to your entry into the world of homelessness in Los Angeles.

Steve Immel said...

This could be the career I've been looking for.

John Farnsworth said...

Steve, that first image knocked my socks off. Could be the cornerstone of the new career. As Daryl Black would say I would say - Book! Book! Book!

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