Sunday, January 03, 2016

Walk on by, foolish heart

The Stride, Madrid

Street photography loomed large in 2015 and that stems from six weeks exploring cities in Spain and France. All exuded vitality and promise flecked with moments of despair as above. This juxtaposition of the resolute and the destitute is called "The Stride." It was taken from a patio chair at a Starbuck's on Madrid's Paseo del Prado in late summer. Note the shadow pointing at the invisable beggar below.

Goldilocks, Barcelona

The Big Sleep, Madrid

The French Connection, Marseille


John Farnsworth said...

Right on, Steve! Especially the "French Connection". The guy on the right clinches it. What could be more fun than wandering around shooting street.

Blacks Crossing said...

"The Stride" is a classic for the ages. One of my favorites of yours, Steve. But I need to thank John for pointing out the gentleman in the background of "The French Connection" because that was one of those lovely catches in photography. And thank you, Steve, for catching him in the shot.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks you two.