Sunday, February 21, 2016

The thing about shadows

Clapboard Boathouse, Searsport, Maine

The play of shadow and light have been residents of the artist’s toolbox since, well, forever. So today, without a story to tell, are some images in which shadows are major players.

Inside Corner, San José de Gracia Church, Las Trampas, NM

Arene, Arles, France


Thea said...

The shadows give my eye a calming message. All three of these reveal your competent skill and terrific creativity

Steve Immel said...

Thanks Thea. This is one I wasn't so sure of so it's reassuring to get your positive comments.

Blacks Crossing said...

The third image of Arene, Arles, France is luscious, soft, and beautiful in its tonal range. A perfect black and white image. The clapboard boathouse has a striking range, almost harsh, but still quite compelling. It is wonderful to see your heretofore hidden images. Great job!

John Farnsworth said...

Fine images, all, Steve. Isn't it fun to discover a series you didn't realize was in the making as the shots accumulated.