Sunday, February 14, 2016

Up, down and somewhere in between

The Italian Renaissance style LA Subway Building built in 1925. Reflections of same below. 

There are more ways to look at downtown LA than upward at skyscrapers and down at the gritty streets and the homeless that live on them. Somewhere between concrete and the sky are other compositions that have the patina of age. These were taken within a few feet of each other. Makes me want to attempt a series from one locale on one day. Maybe I came close in Los Angeles on January 9, 2016. How many images does it take to make a series?


John Farnsworth said...

Ha ha, love that crazy little skateboarder racing up the hill of rubble! I'd say three is enough to call the start of a series, with no limit on the other end. Fifty to 200 could make a nice little book. Hint, hint.

Blacks Crossing said...

Whoa, Steve! This is a fantastic grouping! You have definitely taken a totally different approach and it produced some amazing shots.

So the question is: how many hints does one photographer need to start a series or, as John F. so nicely put it, a book? Hint, hint.

Steve Immel said...

You can't count that high!

j. Madison Rink said...

Great minds think alike, Seve! Have you seen my road collections?

The Road

The Unknown Zone