Sunday, June 05, 2016

Two Weeks Two Shows

From the Fog Series are Presidio Pines #1, Canopy and Silent Running.

Silent Running, Putney, Vermont

What with preparing for The Eye of the Photographer that opened last week and The Presence of Light that opened Friday there hasn’t been a whole lot of photographing around the old homestead. It’s a weakness of mine, not photographing enough, and is exacerbated by single mindedness that has been described as a one track mind and the inability to multi-task. As I approach the midpoint between 70 and 80 I worry that I’ll run out my days in a slow crawl of consecutive projects.

Because I have little new to present I’m left with the options of image surfing, that is scouring thousands of old images for a hidden pearl, shooting something specifically for this week’s post or reporting on Friday’s gala opening. The show at Taos Town Hall has won out so this is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.

Posting about the show leads to a reprise of some photographs from the Fog Series, shown above, since that’s the work I contributed. And here's a look at some compatriots in the show. The first two are my cell, er wallmates.

David Farmer with his elegant silver gelatin prints.

Steve Bundy and his extraordinary landscapes.

Heather Sparrow's carefully staged black and whites.

The very same Heather Sparrow flashing some leg.

Then there's the obligatory shot by a dude taking a picture of dude taking a picture of a gorgeous blonde.

That's friend John Farnsworth capturing the captivating Thea Swengel with his ever present iphone.

And this.

Three seniors with Doug Yeager's images to your left and Heather Sparrow's to the right.
About 150 people turned out for The Presence of Light. That's a big audience in our little burg. Thanks and congratulations to Paul Figueroa for putting it together and to Pattie Traynor for curating the exhibition so masterfully.


Terry T. said...

"Silent Running" is a gem of a photo.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks Terry. I appreciate it.

Pattie said...

I'm a fan. Thanks for being part of this.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks Pattie. Still in Cal?

Thea said...

Nice review of a terrific exhibition and you made me blush with such a nice compliment .

Steve Immel said...

A well deserved compliment to say the least, Thea.

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