Sunday, March 26, 2017

Betwixt and Between

Green River, Utah is a withering former mining town just off I-70 in the center of the state. It’s a place that you stop when you can’t drive any farther. You left Grand Junction in your rear view mirror a 100 miles ago and it’s 100 more to the next services in Salina. When you do condescend to take the off ramp you discover a bevy of decaying buildings and the most incredible light come sundown. This little shed at a railroad siding on the south side of town is one such treasure.

973 souls populate the once thriving uranium mining mecca, the site of a defunct missile launch complex and now the potential host of a nuclear power plant. It's a slippery slope to oblivion.


Jim Rogers Photography said...

You and I continue to be on the same page photographically when it comes to capturing things you WON'T find along the interstate. You inspire me to do one of two things: Go back to my photo files and review my 'off road' photo files, or
plot my next road trip on the most out-of-the way routes available that will still get me in the vicinity of where I want to go. Great post on this edifice found on the road to nowhere.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks, Jim. Like Nike says "Just do it"

Blacks Crossing said...

Wild and lonely, with more stories lurking that will never be told but only imagined. Nice job capturing the feeling, Steve!

Unknown said...

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