Sunday, April 02, 2017

Out like a lion

Last Wednesday Mother Nature threw us a curve ball as yesterday’s 70 become today’s 40 with winds to 50mph. Didn’t exactly need that to tell the truth. Still, look on the bright side. The blustery winds and low clouds gave us this display.


Anonymous said...


Blacks Crossing said...

Your third photograph could become one of those quintessential New Mexico shots. A real beauty, Steve! And, after all, what would we do without the whiplash weather in New Mexico? It keeps us on our photographic toes. Thanks for posting this series, Steve!

Steve Immel said...

Daryl, Peggy says it would be a better post without the second image. What do you say?

Blacks Crossing said...

I agree with Peggy on this one, Steve. The first and third are quite strong. But all are essential to what you photographed that day, so why not post it?

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