Sunday, April 23, 2017

Vantage Points

The little church between Taiban and Tolar grabbed me and won't let go. Here's the little treasure from the west and and directly up to the eaves.

I’m experimenting with file size as I try to solve the riddle of Facebook’s annoying crops. Facebook viewers please click on the image to be sure you see the whole thing.

Next week a little of what’s written inside the proud edifice.


Anonymous said...

You do get out and find some great subjects, amigo! The fine bnw, and the toning is spot on, too.

John Farnsworth said...

Hey, I'm not Anonymous! Don't know how I did that.

Steve Immel said...

No, tu eres muy visible .Gracias y hasta pronto.

Blacks Crossing said...

The second tight detail of the church is an image of true beauty. As John said, the toning is perfect. I can see why it grabbed you and didn't let go. As far as Facebook cropping is concerned, no lo se'. Who knows their secrets? They are frequently baffling!

Steve Immel said...

No sé tambien. Gracias por tus commentarios. said...

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