Sunday, June 18, 2017

Jacob Mastic Memorial Rodeo

A week ago I drove down the Turquoise Trail south of Santa Fe to photograph the Jacob Mastic Memorial Rodeo. Joining me were Steven Bundy and John Farnsworth, a couple of great shooters and good friends. Thanks to Steve for the heads-up. Last year, you may recall, we photographed the National Day of the Cowboy at the very same Mortenson Ranch.

My mission was hone my skills at action shots, not something I do much of. I clicked the shutter about 2,000 times. Don’t know if it’s a record but it’s right up there. Because I took so many cowboys in action images and have yet to edit and edit and edit them to get to the best 500, here are some faces in the crowd.

Next week there’ll an onslaught of swirling dust, whirling cows and intrepid cowboys and cowgirls in non-stop action. Here's a taste:


Blacks Crossing said...

Love the action shot! Although the cow, horse and rider are listing to the left, the cowboy is straight as an arrow in the saddle, keeper his gravity and core right where it needs to be. A fine catch, Steve! Thanks to you for posting this, and to Steve and John for getting to the rodeo and photographing!

Anonymous said...

Good on ya, Steve! I'm still working on last year's shoot at the Taos Rodeo. See you there next Saturday for the Fiftieth Annual!

Unknown said...

Excellent portraits! Excellent rodeo action!
We do love Turquoise Trail, it has many surprises in store.
Annie Molinet, France

Steve Immel said...

Thanks everybody. Bonjour Annie.