Sunday, June 11, 2017

Adobe on the Prairie

Somewhere on the Blue Highways between Des Moines, NM and Branson, CO on my way to Bent's Old Fort I spied the sleeping bones of this adobe farmhouse. The dipping sun cast a gorgeous glow on the little dwelling. At least it glowed in the color iteration which I may or may not have shared with you a couple of years back. Funny thing. I have no fool proof method of knowing whether I’ve already posted an image but, instead, must rely on my steel trap of a mind to recall 500 some odd posts or would need to review ten years of posts to know for sure. That chore, thank you very much, isn’t going to happen.

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Blacks Crossing said...

Regardless of where you are, Steve, you manage to catch the most wonderful buildings, whether standing firmly or beginning to crumble, along with the finest skies! Another one for your book. Thanks for teaching us through your work.