Sunday, October 15, 2017

A Face In The Crowd

Outsize portraits adorn buildings all over booming downtown Los Angeles. The murals are funny and creepy at the same time. Is it a big brother thing or somebody's warped sense of humor?

My take on LA's gritty city center has been that it isn't a real downtown and that the City of Angels can't join the pantheon of great cities until it has one. My premise is that to be a "real" downtown people have to live there and it has to be abuzz with action day and night. Manhattan? You bet. Chicago? Damn straight. San Francisco? I left my heart there when I was six. Boston? They don't call it "The Hub" for nothing.

Downtown LA has been a dud until recently but is exploding with new construction. Yet it struggles with livability in my view. All growth can't be vertical. More green space would seem essential especially in Southern California where folks live outdoors. Lofts alone aren't going to cut it. City fathers and profiteers alike should get a clue.


Terry T. said...

Very interesting. Sounds like good material for a “letter to the editor” of the LA Times or such.
This type of wall art seems to be taking over all over the planet. Good post…

Blacks Crossing said...

Inspired text and photographs, Steve. It is tough for a young city that was really created for the automobile to have a true downtown, but I think there is still hope for Los Angeles. Evolution is an interesting process. When the trolly cars and mass transit return to the City of Angels, it could become a fascinating place. Thanks for showing a beginning of what could become a vibrant downtown, filled with life.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks you two. It's an exciting time in downtown LA but seems years away from place where I'd live. I hope it comes to fruition as I love the energy of real cities. Part of it is becoming a neighborhood it's not that yet.

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