Sunday, October 08, 2017

Rhythm and Flow

We got to Point Reyes Light fifteen minutes too late to walk the 308 steps down to lighthouse itself. The gate is locked at 4:30pm. Undaunted, we scoured the area for suitable subjects and these receding pickets captured my eye. The shallow depth of field fore and aft was just the ticket.


Blacks Crossing said...

Oh my, Steve, this is a real stunner. One of your very best! I am so glad you posted it for all the world to see it and your talent! A perfect combination of contrast and softness, courtesy of the fog.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks Daryl. I liked the sweep of the fence angling down to the point.

Thea said...

Your search paid off! Another great Immel black and white!

carol said...

Great example- would paint that too

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