Sunday, March 11, 2018

A man and his hat

Troy Brown left our company last year. I had the pleasure of attending a party in his memory at his beloved cabin in Taos Ski Valley last summer. I can say “pleasure” because it was an upbeat do hosted by his wife of more than fifty years. She and Troy were high school sweethearts may be even grammar school. Her name is Peggy so when Troy and I talked about our wives the terms we used the terms ‘my Peggy’ and ‘your Peggy.’

Troy was a fine watercolorist whose work reflected his architectural training and practice back in Texas.

The well-worn hat was his trademark


John said...

As were his smile and his gentle manner! Troy is missed by many, myself included. He was among the finer men I’ve known! You’ve captured him well, compadre!

Blacks Crossing said...

What a touching and wonderful story, and great photograph of a man who obviously enjoyed life and carried a twinkle in his eye, that you captured so well! Thanks for sharing him.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks you two. He was a sweetheart. A twinkle and a hat.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to Troy.