Sunday, March 25, 2018

Lynn Canterbury, Mountain Man

Usually I find an image to post by going through digital files that relate to the theme of the moment, in this case portraits. Today, though, a print jumped out at me, grabbed me by the shorts and demanded representation.

Prompted by the print I searched for the original file. It wasn’t in its rightful home, the Monumental Heads portfolio. So, I photographed the print on the top of the stereo cabinet in the living room window, handheld no less.

Lynn Canterbury is later day frontiersman, mountain man reenactor and a maker of tools from the early nineteenth century. This was taken at Lynn’s Alcalde (mayor in English) New Mexico home in a living room crammed with things being crafted and materials for a myriad of projects.

My best guess is that this was taken about ten years ago on an excursion led by my great friend Lindsey Enderby, the lapsed lawyer and full-time raconteur.

Come to think of it, that day whenever it was, was a fine one for portraits. Lovely open shade and good, good, good, good vibrations.


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