Sunday, April 08, 2018

Buy dear. Sell low.

Continuing the look back at portraits made over the years, here’s one of Taos icon Joe Graves. It was taken at Lynn Canterbury’s abode in Alcalde, NM on the same photographically rich day that Lynn’s was made.

Like Lynn, Joe is a mountain man but one of a more modern persuasion. No early nineteenth century regalia for Joe. He’s a living breathing man of the land and another maker of useful things, like flints for starting fires. Joe is one tough customer. I’ve heard tell that one time he lost a tooth. So, he promptly carved a wooden one that he tied into place with monofilament. I’m pretty sure there was no Novocain involved. You'll be relieved to know that some months later Joe was able to buy a bona fide false tooth in Mexico.

One day I was sitting in Lindsey Enderby’s Horse Feathers store while Lindsey held court and Joe and I listened raptly. Joe was demonstrating one of his handmade fire starters when Lindsey gave me an arched eye that said, “You’ll buy that thing if you know what’s good for you.” Ever compliant, I asked Joe how much it was. Joe gave me a price of say, $25.00. I looked at Lindsey who jerked his right thumb upward as if to say “higher.” Being the intrepid negotiator that I am, I doubled the price.

Never pay less if you can pay more. That’s my motto.


Blacks Crossing said...

Yup. We get that! Our motto as well. Glad you got this photograph of Joe Graves. He is quite the deal and the real one at that. Witched our well for us. A great series, Steve. Thanks again for bringing it to the light and broader audience. Hope the Taos is Art event went well and your beautiful image hangs for some time.

Steve Immel said...

The show of banner replicas at Taos Town Hall is worth seeing if you can get over here. It hangs for two weeks I think. When you see 80 plus works of art and realize they're all from a little burg of 5,500 and a county of 35,000 it's mighty impressive.