Sunday, January 13, 2019

The mother of all winters

Mother winter has made a bold return Taos after years of scant snow. Within ten days we’ve had two 12” snows and a -19 morning. The curator at the Millicent Rogers Museum told us it’s the most snow she’s seen in decades. What is this Maine?

Saturday the snow abated in early afternoon by which time we’d photographed at the Immel Rancho, the historic Torreon and at the Overland Sheepskin complex in El Prado. Add those to a somewhat abstract image of the frozen ice shot Friday at the Millicent Rogers and I have a disparate bunch for this post. I even threw you a color number. This one is all photographs and little text. Is that applause I hear or a massive sigh of relief?

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Blacks Crossing said...

That is applause for your intrepid nature and getting out into the Mother of all Winters, which seems to, indeed, be upon us. I am still waiting for the sun to make a true appearance here, so my blog may be an afternoon event. Love the road shot and the subdued color of the truck and malamute (?). Most folks seem to be yearning for the likes of the Chiricahuas or some such, unless they are on the slopes. Keep warm, Amigo.