Sunday, January 20, 2019

Wonderland 87571

This winter has been a gift. The best early snow year anybody can remember promises a hefty snow pack, a great ski season and a wonderland of photographic opportunities. Here are the latest.

It's often been said that artists of all stripes should favor the subjects and environments closest to them. Advice taker that I am, all of these are from the remarkable Immel Rancho just 1.5 miles from the corner of Main and Main in beautiful Taos, NM.

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Daryl Black said...

Wonderland 87571! What a terrific title. Perhaps that should be the name of your Taos hacienda. The first and third images are developed beautifully, are soft and gentle like the snow. They evoke any number of stories and fantasy tales. Amazing what one can find in the immediate surroundings. A great January post, Steve!