Sunday, March 17, 2019

Comparative Religion

I post to Instagram most days though it’s been spotty the last couple of weeks. Taxes are a bitch. When I post on Instagram I share through Facebook, too. On back to back days I posted photographs of an ancient gas pump that I spotted at the Overland Sheepskin complex just north of Taos. To my surprise there was a lot of feedback in favor of the color image and being a committed back and white shooter that piqued my interest. First, I agree this time that the color image is better and that made me want to look back at my various portfolios to see how side by sides of color and black and white photographs would look. While I remain devoted monochrome, sometimes even I might prefer the color shot. The look back was not quite as easy as you might think since the vast majority of the images are black and white and often I didn’t save the color original at all. That's something I need to change.

So, for your viewing pleasure here some side-by-sides that I could find. Up top is the rusty gas pump. It’s not the exact same shot but you get the drift.

There's something for every taste: landscape, still life, portraiture and street. Give me some feedback. It's time for me to learn something.


Blacks Crossing said...

I adore the black and white image, particularly for portraiture. But sometimes, as you said, color seems to say more. In your series here, I have to say that I think color is good in all cases, with the exception of the young gent with head wrap and nose ring. A great black and white. The color settings and adjustment you use are, for the most part, subtle and soft, which seems to make them lush. The gas pump is bright and in your face, which it needs to be. Glad you shared all these images in your blog. I look forward to more of your shooting adventures hither and yon.

Terry Thompson said...

Well, I’m certainly behind on a bunch of things and responding to this post is one of them. So, my thoughts:
Gas pump — color
2 fingers and a hat — color
White cross — Sepia
Junked trailer — toss up
Ring in nose — Sepia
Walking on sidewalk — color but wall is way too saturated for me.
Rusted metal ? — color but more muted for me.

Good exercise but I’m doubtful that a color majority would move your personal preference very far.
Would be interesting to hear if there were some emails back as not much posted here.

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