Sunday, December 29, 2019

And the winners are

Coyote Fence and Sky, Ranchos de Taos, NM
Here are your selections as the best or most liked images from 2019. Thanks for your invaluable if confusing input. Your choices were all over the place. Notably, as was the case last year, the top votes getters were evenly split between images taken with professional cameras and my ever present iphone 7. The top two and three of the top five were made with an iphone. My secret, if there is one, is processing the files with the most excellent smart phone app, Snapseed.

Crossed Paths, Keremma, France

Gas Station, Vaughn, NM

Ranchitos Fog, Taos, NM

Adobe Abode, Golden, NM

And as I opined last year, photos from an iphone rival those from a “real” camera. The limitation being the small sensor which, in my judgment, will not allow for a big print.

Which of these are from my Canon 5d Mk 3 or Sony RX100 Mk 6 and which are from the iphone 7?

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Blacks Crossing said...

Given the fact that each human being has her or his own opinions when it comes to photography, it amazes me how much of a consensus there is when a photographer has really solid, and universally heart-tugging images. As you do in your wrap of 2019 in last week's blog. What a fabulous photographic year for you, Steve, and Steve the Wordsmith as well! All your blog followers are probably anxiously awaiting the work that emerges in 2020, with new and fresh energy from decisions you make going forward. Can see it all now - shot from the window of your Sprinter in the Sonoran desert. Feliz Año Nuevo, Amigo!