Sunday, December 22, 2019

Year of Years, 2019

This is a look back at the images that stood out in 2019 according to me. They may be well designed, be appealing or tell a story. Your favorites may hit all the notes. That would be grand.

I hope you’ll take the two extra steps of, first, clicking on the title line you see above. That will take you to the actual blog. Then click on the first image which will display a full screen image. A full size computer screen will show the images to their best advantage. And mine.

Crossed Paths, Keremma, France
The Road to Magdalena, West of Socorro, NM
Silver Strand, Keremma, France
Store, Clarkdale, CO
Gas Station, Vaughn, NM
Metal Clad, Encino, NM
Sangre View, Tres Piedras, NM
Ranchitos Fog, Taos, NM
El Rancho Grande, Marfa, TX
Big Time Corral, Valentine, TX
Falling Snow, Valdez, NM
Clapboard Abode, Golden, NM
Coyote Fence and Sky, Ranchos de Taos, NM
Socks and Skinny Jeans, Union Station, Denver
Frolic, El Prado, NM
Wheeled Transport, Paris
Water Wagon, San Francisco
From Here to Marin, San Francisco
Siblings, San Francisco
Here Lies Bernardo Salazar, Valdez, NM

Would you be so kind as to choose your favorite of these images? In fact, pick your top five rank ordered. I'll share the results. 

Comment below or email your response. Gracias y Feliz Nuevo Año.


Jamie said...

Coyote Fence and Sky, El Rancho Grande, Ranchitos Fog, Clapboard Adobe, Store/Clarksdale.

Blacks Crossing said...

WOW! What a lineup of photographs. A brilliant year for you, headlined by your trip to France. My favorite of the lot is Crossed Paths, Keremma, France, followed by Coyote Fence and Sky, Here to Marin, Sangre View, and Socks and Skinny Jeans. Thanks for the post, Esteban!

Unknown said...

Hard to choose; Gas Station, Water wagon, Metal clad, big time corral, and Clapboard abode. Loved them all.


Unknown said...

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