Sunday, February 23, 2020


Because I’m going to submit to a couple of museum shows I’ve searched the archives for images that are worthy, unique and contemporary. It’s my belief that the art world is moving toward to the modern, abstract and graphic. That assumption has prompted me to look for the work that skews modern. It has even prompted me, you heard it here first, to create new work for the shows. It is not without trepidation that I embark on this fraught journey.

When I look at the work that might fill the bill, two series come to the fore. They are Sketches of Winter and the Fog Series. They are my favorites and Sketches is arguably my most distinctive portfolio. But since one show requires photographs created in the last three years and other four years the work in Sketches or Fog doesn't qualify. So, I hit the road Tuesday to make some images in the spirit and style of Sketches of Winter. Fog, a relative rarity in these parts, was not an option. There was a paltry inch of fluff clinging to the tipis at Taos Drum and at historic Ranchos Church. The results are cousins to the originals but have more mid-tones and so are not as Zen as the ones made five to ten years ago.

Above are examples of the new snow images, trees, a forgotten place and something that, uh, different.

Put on your curator’s hat if you please. What’s a boy to do?


John Ellsworth said...

Aspen trees. Wow, what a work.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks, John. Did you make it to AZ for part of the winter? If so, still there? S

Blacks Crossing said...

Aspen trees, wow, as John Ellsworth said. The tipis are quite wonderful and somewhat modern and abstract if you are looking for that. Just because the Ranchos church is such a rarity in the wider world, that photograph must be included somewhere. Have fun and good luck with all of it!

shasoo said...

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