Sunday, March 01, 2020

Alley Cat

I’ve had a thing about alleys and backsides of the historic facades and glitzy storefronts that we normally see. Oddly ignored, the grit and disarray of the rears of buildings are oddly beautiful to me. The gaggle of mechanicals, the twisted wires, junction boxes and meters all speak to the basic needs of life. Unadorned but for the graffiti that personalizes the scene.

And so here are several images of just that, all taken in recent days and every single one was made with an iphone.

As I contemplate which photographs to submit to the two shows I mentioned last week and as I review three years of work I’m reminded that for the second year in a row that among my favorites are ones from the always with me camera in my pocket.

Ton of mood in these suckers.


Blacks Crossing said...

First of all, the title is wonderful. Just hanging out in the alleys, waiting to see what will present itself. That is what a good street photographer does. And you have done it with these. #3 and 4 are particularly, as you said, moody, and they tell wonderful stories. That is also what a street photographer is - a story teller. Well done, Amigo!

John Farnsworth said...

I like this series, amigo. The subject is well suited to monochrome. Anxious to see where this leads. Gotta love the iPhone, no?

shapel said...

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