Sunday, March 15, 2020

Real World

That was me lurking around in the alleys of Taos, New Mexico. I was the guy in the tan raincoat. As is I’m fond of streetscapes and especially of what’s happening behind the scenes where rooflines, wires, conduits and trash cans create intricate forms and patterns. I’m a wire man myself. Not that I shy away from the front side of the back side.

Streetscapes can be the real thing or as shown here can be a facsimile thereof like the small-town movie set on the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank. The rain and threatening made it seem even more real.


John Farnsworth said...

I think you’re on to something here, Esteban!

Blacks Crossing said...

First and third shots are wonderful, Steve! Luscious and warm and full of life. Thanks for posting them, and keeping us up with your work.

Steve Immel said...

I don't know that I'm on to something, Juan, but back alleys would give me lifetime of fodder.

I do like the movement in image three, Daryl, and would like to stop motion like that more often. That shot reminds me just a little of Cartier-Bresson's man jumping over a puddle, one that was reputedly staged. The thick moisture laden air really brought volume to that shot.