Sunday, January 23, 2022

Cloud Cover

The view from the Kolb Studio

The Kolb Studio

I’ve visited the Grand Canyon on two occasions this year. And I’ve driven US 160 through the Navajo Nation thrice. When Peggy needed to pick up several paintings from the Celebration of Art exhibition the Grand Canyon’s Kolb Studio, she invited to join her for a quick out and back, in on Monday evening and out early Wednesday morning.

Mary Colter's Lookout Studio

The socked in Canyon from the Kolb Studio

As seen from Bright Angel Lodge

There were some notable holes in my compilation of photographs of Mary Colter’s extraordinary buildings and I reckoned I could complete the package and we’d enjoy a short vacation at the same time.

We entered the park through the east entrance just before sundown. And, as in 2017 when I visited the park at the golden hour with our son Garrett, we were treated to light show at Mary Colter’s Desert View Watchtower. That good fortune, I must admit, can be attributed to bad navigation on my part. I thought we’d be entering from the south. Mistake or not, a win is a win.

We checked in with just enough time to unload our gear and make it to the El Tovar for our 7:45 dinner reservation. Our expectations were modest to tell the truth, but the meal and service were north of adequate. The menu may have been from the early 1980s, but the salmon was properly broiled, and the company was aces.

The fun really started when we woke up Tuesday to gently falling snow. We were giddy at the prospect of photographing the gaping maw in a snowstorm. So, after picking up Peggy’s paintings we photographed the abyss from the Kolb Studio to Colter’s Lookout Studio and then the Bright Angel Lodge. Then, finding that the gate to the west rim was open and unmanned we stopped at Hopi Point and Pima Point before our terminus at Colter’s Hermit’s Rest and rich hot chocolate and cookies.

The snow was magical and let us appreciate the South Rim in the wintery silence. Low clouds cloaked the canyon and puffs reached deep into the canyon.

These images barely scrape the surface of January’s wonder. Brace yourself for more next week.

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Blacks Crossing said...

If this week's images just scratched the surface, I am waiting with bated breath for your next posting. Because, I must say, that the first images of the Kolb Studio and Mary Coulter's Lookout Studio are just stunning. That first image is one of your best and thank goodness for the shroud of clouds and mist and a dusting of snow. Absolutely magical. I bet you were giddy awakening to snow. Glad you tagged along on Peggy's trip. That is always a grand plan! Mochas gracias, Amigo!