Sunday, January 30, 2022

Magic Light at Desert View

Desert View Watchtower at Sundown

Waiting for the sun to fall beneath the western horizon

Reflected Sky

Standing Tall

Marble Canyon from Desert View

As I noted last time, we entered Grand Canyon National Park at sundown on a Monday in January. We were treated to light show as only the Watchtower at Desert View can provide. It was an inspiring start to our short canyon sojourn. We departed the canyon early Wednesday and I wanted to get a long shot of the tower in order complete my series on Mary Colter’s magnificent creation. So, we spent half an hour at Navajo Point, the point just west of Desert View, where we had an unobstructed view of the tower. Just as we hoped the cylindrical atalaya probed the sky at the highest point of the South Rim. It's small from that distance but you can grasp the epic scale of the canyon and how perfectly the tower is sited.

Desert View Watchtower from Navajo Point

The watchtower is a magnet for visitors craving a quintessential sunset view of the canyon. And since it’s 23 miles east of Grand Canyon Village it isn’t overrun. Cozied into the depression made by the 70 foot tower and its 30 foot boulder base a dozen hardy souls in down parkas watched the sun fall behind Hermit’s Rest and basked in the golden light.

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Blacks Crossing said...

The towers are wonderful monuments, well suited to the grandeur of the Grand Canyon. But photograph # 4, your black and white of the canyon, with patches of snow and fog below is another one of your photographs for the ages. A real jewel and beautifully toned. Thank you for making the quick trip to the canyon and sharing your photographs with the world!