Sunday, February 06, 2022

Local Knowledge

The abandoned adobe next door.

The shambling casa, left to the elements has been sold or so we understand. The house deemed as worthless will be scraped from the grown over half acre and we'll await its fate as a tidy cottage. We hope.

Wednesday we drove north to to Arroyo Hondo in time for the blush of sunset.

The Hondo abode as seen in classic black and white

Ventana Azul. The Torreon Hacienda in El Prado, NM.

It’s widely known that I have to leave town to take a photograph. So, when I offer images from within, say, 15 miles, it’s uncommon if not rare. In that spirit these are quite local, from 100 yards to 20 minutes away. It’s been proffered that one can explore his north forty on a daily basis and never run our of inspiration. One will see the tried and true differently each time she or he looks closely at the familiar subject. Teaching yourself to “see” is a big part of the artistic process. It means slowing down just a smidgen. It’s amazing what we absorb when we see a subject again for the first time.

They are linked by absolutely nothing unless it’s texture of which there is a lot. 

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Blacks Crossing said...

Love the local, Steve, and new seasons provide new looks and approaches for photographers. This is a great selection. You skill at selective coloring is quite profound, and each one is a winner. I do love the Torreon Hacienda con Ventana Azul! The peach/rosy sunset says Taos. Thanks for the good Monday wake-up call!