Monday, April 18, 2022

On the Run, Way of Life

I ran down Market Street to the Ferry Building where I stopped for a few shots then ran all the way to Chrissy Field at the foot of the Golden Gate. This is of the Bay Bridge from San Francisco to Yerba Buena Island.

The second of my blog posts featuring photographs taken while running, prompted a thoughtful response from my good friends David and Carol. They told me they had enjoyed the post and that “it demonstrates a way of life that has been yours for a long time.” I had never thought of it that way or ascribed that kind of import to something so ordinary. But when I began running on the wintery streets of New Canaan, Connecticut in March of 1976 my life was changed. It launched a pursuit that continues into my 80th year. I reckon I won't stop till my body won't let me.

A runner as seen from Confluence Park in downtown Denver.

A tractor on the beach at low tide, Keremma, Brittany.

Fresh tracks at sunup, Keremma.

Rain drops, Museum Hill, Santa Fe, NM.

As I was running my regular course up CaƱon Este yesterday I came to the realization that the short run in New Canaan was transformative as few things have been. Running became a way of life that day. I had just opened a restaurant, The Harvest Table, in Danvers, Massachusetts and lost 15 pounds on the 100 hour a week diet. I liked the change and decided to keep it off. The running boom was in full flight. For several months I operated my 22-unit restaurant company in Boston plus a failing 230-unit region of a major fast-food chain, at the same time. It was one hell of a weight loss regimen. I turned the region around in 18 months. It's good to be cocksure and 34.

Nothing would stop me back then. I ran despite the frequent 100-hour weeks opening restaurants. I ran at 20 below with gale force winds. I simply had to do it. And still do.

My name is Steve Immel. I’m an addict. 

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Blacks Crossing said...

Good to meet you, Steve, and to hear that your running addiction is still alive and well. This is a wonderful series of shots. I especially like the perfect tracks of the tractor on the beach in Keremma, Brittany. So pleased to hear you are running like mad and enjoying every moment of it. Thanks for the series with all the images your addiction produces! Onward into the fog, wind, rain, and sun!