Sunday, April 24, 2022

The Truth About Truth or Consequences

On the way to TorC we drove overland to Cuchillo a down at the heels ghost town fifteen miles west of I-25. Thanks to David Michael Kennedy for the hint. It was the photographic highlight of our trip. 

Yahuah, King of Kings. I am coming 2030. Cuchillo.

I have one word of advice about visiting Truth or Consequences. Don’t.

This is the target demographic in TorC.

Snacks and Food, Downtown Truth or Consequences.

Every business on Main Street was a second hand store. Baby doll waves goodbye.

Jesus what a pit! We arrived about 3:30 to find very retail shop closed for a seven-day lunch. The visitor’s center was closed. The gallery where a friend shows his work was closed. Only the Truth or Consequences Brewery was open, and a murder of bikers filled the patio. They were so dissipated that Peggy wouldn’t enter the joint. Those folks looked like they’d just left a methadone clinic.

For some reason we chose to spend our first night in Truth or Consequences. I’d have chosen Silver City and Peggy would have opted for Ruidoso. Las Cruces was the obvious compromise. But, oh no, we had to see someplace new. We had heard about a new art gallery in the town and the restaurant options seemed interesting. Unfortunately, the gallery was closed and there was only one restaurant was worth visiting. I  mean open. Truth or Consequences is a dying. Make that dead.

The only good things in TorC were the trim and colorful Rocket Inn, an updated mid-century motor court and Los Arcos, a steak house that opened 50 years ago. The Rocket Inn was well kept and professionally operated. Cidney, the proprietor, recommended Los Arcos Steak House as the best restaurant in town. I was doubtful. If it was merely adequate, it would be a victory. To Cidney’s credit Los Arcos delivered gracious and timely service, an excellent Caesar Salad and an 18- ounce rib-eye served rare as requested. That’s not to mention the lowest priced wines by the glass I’ve seen in 20 years. Good wines for $9.50. Burt, our waiter, suggested that we share the monster ribeye. We took his advice, split the steak and had enough left for a sliced steak and gorgonzola salad at home Wednesday night.

We were so finished with Truth or Consequences that we were northbound to Taos at dark o’clock Wednesday morning.

The best part of TorC is putting it in your rearview window.

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Blacks Crossing said...

Your honesty in this morning's blog elicited several belly laughs, and the "target demographic" photograph is a perfect fit. Talk about street photography at its best! I can highly recommend Silver City, but I am glad to hear you had a great rib eye and an updated mid-century modern hotel in which to stay. Sometimes sneaking away into the dark of early morning is a good thing! Great writing, humor, and photography, Esteban!