Sunday, October 23, 2022

Hither and Yon

Between the Brazos Cliffs overlook and Tierra Amarillo is big sky wild west cattle country. Note the band of golden aspen on the horizon.

The cliffs as seen from 10,000 feet on US 64.

A meadow along the scenic Santa Barbara Canyon Trail.

Cloaked by clouds in Santa Barbara Canyon.

Applied blur in the canyon.

Here’s a grab bag of shots from the Brazos Cliffs as seen from the high point of US 64, of sprawling rangeland on the flats beyond the cliffs and from Santa Barbara Canyon which slices into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains outside of PeƱasco, New Mexico.

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Blacks Crossing said...

Hither and yon is right! And what a gorgeous grab bag of shots. The Brazos are unlike almost anything in the lower 48, except, possibly Yosemite. Your photograph of those everso photogenic cliffs in their fall garb is wonderful. The first shot has the traditional Immel fingerprints all over it, except for the color. A great image. The red rocks and yellow leaves along the Santa Barbara Canyon Trail are stunning! Nothing like your blog to remind us of autumn's beauty. Muchas gracias, Esteban!