Sunday, October 16, 2022

Same Time This Year

Just ahead is the shallow rise to Hopewell Lake at 9,500 feet.

Golden aspen and meadow beyond Hopewell Lake.

It was only after I drove northwest on US 64 to the height of land past Hopewell Lake that I realized that I’d made the same trek on the same day and time for three years running. It was the second Sunday in October of 2022 when the lure of full color in the high mountains of northern New Mexico couldn’t be ignored. Like the sandhill crane to the Bosque de Apache in November I was bound for 10,000 feet of autumn wonder.

The flats between Tres Piedras and ascent to Hopewell Lake are picture book cowboy country.

As evidenced by this throwback scene northeast of Tres Piedras.

I was running an hour too late for getting the best morning glow, so I grabbed a huevos, chorizo and pico de gallo burrito at Toribio’s in El Prado and blasted for the heights 45 miles away.

On the same terrain long ago and far away.

It was a glorious destination on a Kodachrome morning, but the best light had passed. So, I’ve compiled a handful of fall color images made on this and other October excursions to favorite locales. More to come.


Blacks Crossing said...

Pulling at my heart strings, Steve. Our old stomping ground. The aspen along Highway 64 between Tres Piedras, and Tierra Amarilla are splendid, and you certainly did them photographic justice. Nice cowboy shot of cattle being moved, punctuated by cloud drama. Thanks for taking the drive into the rarified air, Esteban, and keeping us in your photographic loop!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful how dependable Mother Nature is sometimes. Lovely colors!