Sunday, January 15, 2023

Deep Dive

The weathered cross is long gone from this tiny church in Peñasco, New Mexico. Sagrado Corazon was photographed at 11am on August 2, 2006.

Cruz Blanca was taken at La Morada de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in Taos at 11am on March 25, 2007. Unhappily, the captivating lay chapel was closed to the public by the Catholic Church three years ago.

Because the January-February Shadow and Light Magazine is the Black and White Special Issue, the very first, there was no need for my normal Telling Stories contribution. In Special Issues like Black and White, Language of the Land, and Color It Red publisher and editor Tim Anderson does not include bylines like E.E. McCollum’s excellent Mindful Matters and my Telling Stories. These themed issues are all photographs all the time.

Eaves is an abstract take on the sacred Santuario de Chimayo in Chimayo, New Mexico. It was made at 8am on June 19, 2005.

On the path to Point Reyes Light the moisture dripped from the Canopy of Bishop Pines. It was 11am on August 15, 2013. 

A solitary rower warmed up for the Putney Regatta on the Connecticut River in Putney, Vermont at 6:53 am on August 1, 2006. It's called Silent Running.

To keep my oar in the water I’ve submitted to the last two Special Issues of Shadow and Light magazine which are essentially open calls for entry within the parameters of the theme. Happily, I’ve been included in each.

Tim has called my five-image portfolio From the Road. That isn’t soaring prose but, hey, they are from the road and that road runs from Point Reyes National Seashore in California to the Putney Regatta in Vermont with a strong dose of New Mexico adobe.

Getting to the 12 that I submitted was a deep dive into my best of the best dating back as far as 2005. Literally hundreds of images. The seven that the jury did not select were, broadly speaking, Still Lifes. And, truth be told, they may be my favorites of the lot. But what do I know? I may have shot myself in the foot my not tuning my portfolio to a single unifying theme. Perhaps I should have committed to landscapes or still lifes and earned a ten-image spread. I hedged my bet and got half a loaf. Nobody can say I’m not a competitor.

I’m honored to be part of the new Black and White issue and know it’ll be stellar.

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Blacks Crossing said...

Your deep dive is a great selection of of the truest of true black and white, but one of my favorites is your 2013 image from Point Reyes. It reflects your love of the place and tells so many stories, even though it is not part of your story telling for Shadow and Light Magazine's contest. Congratulations on your ongoing work there, and thanks for blogging!