Sunday, January 01, 2023

Tapped Out

I have no words. Well, very few anyway. As I wrote to a deadline tomorrow there wasn’t much left in the tank. So, here’s a grab bag of shots from Ventura and Santa Paula, California on December 23. This a streetish selection as you will see.

Peggy and I survived an epic return to New Mexico that entailed a canceled Southwest flight, no assistance from those losers, a train trip back to Albuquerque that would have been decent but for a gut- wrenching bout with a Norovirus that was debilitating for two days and is abating now. Refer to gut-wrenching for a sense of the beast.

Please have a fabulous 2023!

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Blacks Crossing said...

I am sorry to hear that part of your memorable trip to Southern California was a Norovirus, but am glad it is starting to abate. No one's favorite diet plan. However, like so many people who flew this holiday season, you certainly have many stories to tell, and it would be great to read them in your blog. Love your street photography. The two "Women in Stem" photographs are winners, especially the first where you sneak the California bungalow style building with red tile roofs across the street from the exhibit. A clear statement that the photograph was made in California. The other, equally divided between another Women in Stem poster and tree reflection tells a story anyone can create. Thanks for all your blogs last year, Steve. 2023 is going to be a ground-breaking year for your photography and writing!