Sunday, March 19, 2023

Adobe and Snow Again

We woke up to 10 inches of wet snow on Friday. Peggy called me from the historic Martinez Hacienda where she had stopped to photograph on the way to the studio, basically telling me to get my lazy ass out of the house and capture the wonder of the grand hacienda in its cloak of dense snow. I told her, “I’ll get over there immediately.” I'm nothing if not obedient..

I fell into my routine of photographing the wooden wagon, the adobe walls and especially the canales with stalactites of ice slowly developing below. Canal, as you know, means channel in English, and canales are the plural of same. I always try to find a new angle and threw in some abstracts of the wagon and a handful that might belong in my Sketches of Winter series.

Severino Martín moved his family from Abiquiu just after Taos was founded in 1796. Los Martínes, later Los Martinez, settled on land two miles south of Taos and in 1804 built the northern-most Grand Hacienda in New Mexico. Soon Los Martinez owned five square miles abutting the Rio Pueblo and Severino became a powerhouse politico in Northern New Mexico. 

Los Immels live half a mile north of the Hacienda. Lucky us.


John Ellsworth said...

dumb question of the day: are these iPhone or what?

Blacks Crossing said...

We heard that Taos, Glorieta and other points north had more snow than the city of Santa Fe proper during the last storm, so I am glad Peggy told you to hustle over to the Martinez Hacienda. The first three canale shots are superb and certainly worthy of inclusion in your Sketches of Winter Series. Who knew that winter would give us offerings this late in the season? We'll take it. Great additions, Steve. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Steve Immel said...

John, Nope Sony a7r 111a a full frame mirrorless camera. The iphone, however, is an amazing device but with a tiny sensor that doesn't lend itself to big enlargements.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks, Daryl. Adobe and snow are a duo made in heaven, for sure.