Sunday, March 05, 2023

Neck Snakes or Ties That Bind

Forty years of neckties.

Peggy and I have just participated in three events that are part of ArtsThrive, the annual art exhibition and sale that benefits the Albuquerque Museum. We returned to Taos this late afternoon and I have hundreds of photographs from the show to sort and process. So, I’m going to kick the ball down the field so I can show ArtsThrive in all its glory. It’s a handsome exhibition with stellar artwork and a team of caring managers and volunteers who run the event like a Swiss watch. Much more about the special event and more effusive praise will follow next week.

As a placeholder I’m offering some of the detritus left in the wake of my ongoing purge of my closet. I reckon I’ll be donating (I hope), consigning or trashing some 30 suits and sportscoats that are so large and so out of style that there is no reason beyond nostalgia to keep them. I am, sadly, a pale shadow of my former self and the once grand suitings drape me like a caftan.

Among the useless items are forty some odd ties that along with the big shoulders and wide lapels of the suits and coats must be put out of my misery.

If you're a 41 long or close to it new threads are yours for the taking.


Blacks Crossing said...

The tie snakes will suffice perfectly until we are able to read and see your images from the Arts Thrive events in Albuquerque. Closet purging is a wonderful and fulfilling activity. Memories are there, along with the thrill of discovering newer and more up to date wardrobe additions. It is part of spring cleaning for the spirit. You know full well that a real dresser is out there, creating her or his own style who will adore those ties and suits! Enjoy the spring vibes.

John Ellsworth said...

"Once grand suitings"? Really?

You must've been buying from Hanny's.