Sunday, May 14, 2023

Cloud Cover, Edition Five

Sabron de Ponteves

Upper Oro Mine

Tablas Creek Vineyard

I’m going to ride this horse as long as I can or forever, whichever is longer. That’s because I’ve got a lot of land and clouds or that I haven’t been photographing much. I’ve been romancing the written word a helluva lot more than I’ve been wrestling with f-stops and shutter speeds. I can’t say why, but my photo malaise has been long and deep. That calls for a photo safari yesterday. The contenders are the much ballyhooed A California State of Mind and Deadpool. Deadpool, the shrinking reservoir story, would be easier to service. It's closer, faster and cheaper. Lake Powell and Meade should do the trick. State of Mind demands longer and wider attention. Then again it is California so I'd never say never.

High Sierra from Lone Pine

John Ford Lives

In the meantime, you’re saddled with two more weeks of Cloud Cover.

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Blacks Crossing said...

John Ford Lives is right! Wonderful shot and cloud cover, as it continues in your blog. Also Sabron de Ponteves tells s a story all its own. I am loving your continuing Cloud Cover editions, but also know you need a road trip. Lake Powell and Lake Mead should be perfect, given the extra water from this year's winter snow and rain. "They" say Lake Powell may rise 70 feet this summer, given the added moisture, so I look forward to your photographs and stories. If anything can break your malaise, Lake Powell and the canyon country can! Thanks for keeping on, Estéban.