Sunday, May 21, 2023

Cloud Cover, Edition Six

Maybe for the first time I’m choosing images and writing text six days before the actual drop-dead date for Cloud Cover, Edition Six. That’s because we’ll be in the air next Sunday as we return from four nights in Portland, the one in Oregon. As you read this, we will have attended a concert Thursday night headlining Thomas Lauderdale and Satan’s Pilgrims, Thomas being the pianist and founder of the noted orchestra Pink Martini and the latter the Portland based surf-rock band of which our son Garrett is the newly minted third guitarist. Everybody in the band is a bona fide lead guitarist. Garrett calls The Pilgrims the best contemporary surf rock band in the land. Based on their amazing performance with Thomas Thursday Peggy and I agree. Thirty years young Satan’s Pilgrims were inducted into the Oregon Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year.

Sunlit Wall, San Miguel de Allende

Drake's Bay. Point Reyes, California

This post is the swan song of Cloud Cover, the series that wouldn’t die. These images have earned their way into the pantheon of cloudy greats because the wouldn't take no for an answer.

The Tetons from Mormon Row. Moran, Wyoming

Brazos Cliffs from 10,000 feet. New Mexico

And the one and only

Vanishing Point. Pine Ridge Reservation

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Blacks Crossing said...

Pity about your trip to Portland! Hah. That got you out of town, didn't it? And fulfilling the music need as well. Sounds great! But for those of us online viewers, your edition six of Cloud Cover was one of the best. I am a sucker for Point Reyes, any day, any time. One of the great places on Planet Earth, so it was great to see your shot of Drake's Bay. The Sunlit Wall in San Miguel de Allende is lovely with its combination of counterpoints, and the photo of the Brazos near Tierra Amarilla and Chama is just stunning. Rare to see such an effective black and white of those cliffs. Thanks Steve for preparing this in advance for your followers!